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dove_mainWhat does it take to get to peace?

Peace and tranquility within is one of the most precious things a person can have, and yet it can be so elusive. So how do we find peace within ourselves, permanent lasting peace?

I used to think peace was achieved by spending a quite afternoon curled up with a good book, or lazily walking through a park or lying on a beach in the sunshine. But that wasn’t real peace – a young family could come along with a screaming baby and any remnants of peace would be shattered, leaving irritation and annoyance in its wake.

If inner peace is freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, negativity, anxiety, obsession, etc., then that is something internal, it needs to come from within. If our external surroundings dictate our internal state, then lasting peace will always remain elusive.

Have you heard the saying “It takes a war to get to peace”? It was only when I began the inner work on myself that I gained an appreciation for what that statement actually meant. It takes an internal war on negative states within ourselves to achieve real, lasting peace; it is a battle of the psyche, a battle for consciousness.

In life there are so many difficulties we face. Life isn’t easy; it throws so many things at us; problems, stresses, tragedies…. young families with screaming babies…. And these events stir up different emotions and inner states within. We can either be carried along in the current of life’s turbulent waters, with our inner state at the mercy of what is thrown our way… or we can embrace life’s events as a means to learn about ourselves so we can change what is within – to move towards lasting inner peace.

This inner work has been such a blessing for me. Now that I am armed with the knowledge about how to go about it, I look at life completely differently – the struggles of life are now wonderful opportunities to face the darkness within myself, and by facing it I can change. I am now armed to fight that war, to get to peace.

Belsebuub recently released a video on Youtube that explains what I am talking about in more depth, how we face difficulties along the way in our spiritual journey and how we can use them to find inner peace.

He explains how the inner death of the egos, which is the removal of the different animal drives, such as anger, negativity, greed, fear, etc can lead to the awakening of the spiritual within….

VIDEO: Going through suffering and reaching peace.


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My parents weren’t overly religious, although Mum started going to church shortly before she died. Dad always considered himself an atheist, but as his mortality becomes more apparent with age, the discomfort of this belief has rendered him more open-minded than he used to be.

Me, well I have always been searching for spiritual truth. Since I can remember I have questioned the ‘hows’, ‘whats’ and ‘whys’ of the universe… How did I come to be here? Why me, why was I created? What’s the point of life? What is beyond this life? I have pondered these and countless similar questions right through childhood to adulthood.

I’ve looked for the answers in a myriad of places. I never quite found it in mainstream Christianity (in fact some of the least ‘Christian’ people I know are avid church-goers). And while I’ve always leaned more toward God and Jesus than anything else (being a white girl raised in a western society), the concept of ‘faith’ in the traditional Christian sense never really sat well with me. It never made sense that you could be the most sinful person on earth, but so long as you ‘believed’ in Jesus and asked for forgiveness before you died you’d go to heaven, where as everyone else who didn’t would go to hell. And you just have to have ‘faith’ that this was the truth and that was enough. Well it was not enough for me – I had to know.

I explored a few other religions as well; Hinduism took my fancy for a while and I read with great enjoyment the Mahābhārata and the Bhagavad Gītā. I looked into Buddhism and Islam which had some concepts I liked. I read a wide range of authors, from Richard Bach to Neale Donald Walsch to Erchart Tolle. I took a bit of this and a bit of that, and started to form my own beliefs from a myriad of concepts. But, something was missing. I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. I had filled my head with a lot of ideas, but in reality I was no better off than when I started.

This video talks about the difficulties we face when searching for spiritual truth today. How do we find the truth amongst everything that is out there? When mainstream religion and out-dated traditions don’t give us what we are yearning for, how do we find true spirituality, and not charlatanism? Spirituality that leads to the awakening of the consciousness and to enlightenment?

The answer is we find it within ourselves, if we practice it properly. I feel so blessed to be learning how…

More videos at Belsebuub.com

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This awesome 3-part documentary has just been released by the Gnostic Movement.

It explains what Gnosticism is, and delves into the history of Christian Gnosticism. In doing so, it begins to tell the story of how conventional Christianity was let astray and isn’t true to the actual teachings of Jesus.

The Christian Gnostics have emerged in different forms throughout history, walking the hidden path towards spiritual transformation. Starting with the early years of Christianity, this video explores the Gnostic origins of Jesus and his disciples, and the secret aspects of Jesus’ teachings. It tells how the theology of Paul of Tarsus diverged from the Gnostic teachings of Jesus and came to compete with the Church of Jerusalem, which was led by Jesus’ disciples.

With the fall of the Church of Jerusalem, Pauline Christianity became dominant. Those who knew and practiced the secret heart of Jesus’ teachings went underground — hidden from view but continuing their quest for spiritual enlightenment.

Christian Gnostics, such as the Knights Templar and the Cathars of the middle ages, were deemed heretics and faced lethal persecution from the church, which was then at the helm of a powerful empire. Despite their continued persecution, the Gnostics continued to emerge and strive, as individuals made efforts to seek knowledge and enlightenment.

It’s a very interesting little documentary!!

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In this 8 minute video, spiritual teacher Belsebuub talks about the horrible effects negativity has on our lives and on the lives of those around us, and the importance of freeing ourselves from these subconscious states.

No one likes to be negative, and everyone wants to be happy. But simply trying to have a positive frame-of-mind isn’t enough, particularly when we are faced with situations that are unfair, or in difficult situations like an argument with a loved-one, or when someone has done something that hurts us. In these difficult times we can be taken hostage by negativity and become trapped within it, despite our best efforts not to be.

In order to permanently free ourselves from these states and to truly find peace, a serious work needs to be undertaken on our psyche. You can find out more about the techniques to do this here.

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