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Aliens, UFOs… do you believe in them? Have you ever seen or experienced something that could be called extraterrestrial? Have you seen something strange in the sky that you just couldn’t explain?

A number of years ago while standing on my balcony after sunset, I saw a glowing orb in the distance on the horizon. It seemed quite far away, but it was considerably larger than the brightest of stars that had appeared in the sky.

It was moving fairly slowly at first, and my partner (at the time) and I watched it for a long while trying to figure out what it was. Maybe it was a UFO?!! No way according to my partner; he didn’t believe in nonsense like aliens or UFOs and insisted there had to be some logical, earthly explanation for it.  Was it a plane? Maybe, but it didn’t have any blinking lights like planes do, and it had a very distinct orb shape – that was very clear to us. After watching it intently we both agreed that while it was possible, it just didn’t look like a plane. Was it a meteor? No, it was moving too slowly along the horizon so we ruled that out, and there was no tail like you would see on a comet or shooting star. It definitely wasn’t the moon; while it was bigger and brighter than a star it was much smaller than the moon and the moon was already in the sky anyway. It was moving in such a way we were certain it wasn’t any kind of planet or other celestial body, and although it seemed far away it still seemed like it was within (or very close to) the atmosphere and not in distant space. Maybe it was a satellite – yes that must be it; that was the only reasonable explanation we could make sense of this strange, glowing orb moving along the horizon. We had never seen a satellite in the sky before and didn’t know what one looked like in orbit, but it seemed quite plausible… in fact it was the only plausible conclusion we could make of it.

Up until this point it was moving in a slow and steady dead-straight trajectory. But all of a sudden this orb began to zig-zag across the sky – and fast. Extremely fast. It covered a massive distance at incredible speed, going this direction, then that direction, then back agan, without slowing down and speeding up at all as it changed direction. It darted all across the sky just as a fly would in the summer heat. Both our jaws dropped as we watched this amazing display right in front of our eyes – we had seen nothing like it before. Then all of a sudden it took off at incredible speed and disappeared out of sight, and just like that it was gone.

“OMG wow! See, that must have been a UFO!!! No satellite or airplane can move like that, how else can you explain that huh??!” But although my partner couldn’t explain what he had just witnessed, he wouldn’t go as far as to say he now believed in UFOs… at the same time he wasn’t so steadfast in his opinion of their non-existence either. He admitted that had I merely told him about it and he hadn’t seen what he saw with his own eyes he wouldn’t have believed me. In fact, he was rather freaked out and wanted to go inside and didn’t want to talk about it any more. He didn’t really want to talk about it to anyone else either.

Strangely the next day there were no reports of it on the news or in the paper or anything. We couldn’t have possibly been the only ones to see it, but it was an remarkable sight to witness that’s for sure.

Was his reaction to this ‘unidentified flying object’ born from the discomfort that arises when a fundamental belief you have held is shaken to the point you realize your entire world-view could be wrong? Or was it born out of fear of beings different from us… aliens? Or both?

I tend to be open to ‘strange’ things anyway, but to me the premise that humans are the only intelligent beings that exist in the universe is just not logical. I mean, consider the shear vastness of the universe… actually it is SO big you can’t… and that’s my point. The fact that out of all the billions – trillions of galaxies out there, that our tiny earth is the only planet that supports life just doesn’t make logical sense to me. On the math alone it is far more plausible that there is other life out there than there isn’t.

And if there is other intelligent life out there (which I think there is), I’m not frightened by it. To have a first-hand experience with an E.T. would be an AMAZING experience that I would eagerly welcome! But I can understand why people have fear though, with the terrifying way E.T.s are portrayed in Hollywood and other media. But me, I tend to hope they would be more advanced than… us.

But what of you? Have you ever seen or experienced something that could be called extraterrestrial? Have you seen something strange in the sky that you just couldn’t explain? What do you believe?

Even if you haven’t and this topic interests you, Monday July 2nd is World UFO day. On the Sunday before a worldwide on-line meetup is being held where people around the globe will come together to share personal experiences and any information we have in relation to our Galactic Family… stay tuned here for more details of this fascinating event:



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