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I guess I haven’t been around much on account of spending all my time with the L.A. Gnostic Group.

Come join me if you like and check it out…

“An afternoon of talks, meditation, light refreshments, and a special preview of Secret Quest.”

Sounds good to me!

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I wanted to share with you this amazing powerful teaching given by Edith Pritchard of the Gnostic Movement. Edith describes the effects of the egos upon us, and describes a practice called the analysis of an ego (which is a extract from the meditation of an ego, a cornerstone of Gnostic practice).

Egos are energies that drive thoughts and emotions, like anger, negativity pride, jealousy, sadness etc. Generally when we think of the term ‘ego’ we relate it to pride. However in this context pride is just one of many different ego states.

This teaching looks into the cause of our mysteries, sufferings and pain, the source of our problems. It explains what takes away our peace and happiness, and how to glean the information we need to be able to work to towards achieving lasting peace and happiness within ones self.

This valuable teaching is knowledge of ourselves. Understanding of oneself leads to a deep and profound knowledge, which is Gnosis. The word ‘Gnosis’ is a Greek word for knowledge, but it is not like book knowledge that you get from reading or studying something external (which is information). Gnosis refers to knowledge through experience.

The is the type of knowledge that the ancient Gnostics practiced for centuries, an inner knowledge that allowed them to experience amazing things. It leads not only to a knowledge within ones self, but to the knowledge of the All, and we use this knowledge for a Spiritual transformation.

Enjoy the lecture and the guided meditation practice, which includes the powerful mantra ‘Gate Gate Pāragate Pārasamgate Bodhi Svāhā‘, used for quietening the mind.

(If the video doesn’t load for you properly, you can also watch it HERE)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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meditationimageYou hear the term ‘meditation’ thrown around a lot these days. While historically an Eastern tradition, it has become a popular craze sweeping throughout the Western world, and rightly so! There are a multitude of physiological and psychological benefits from meditation, including:

  • A deeper state of relaxation than that achieved during normal rest
  • A reduction in migraines and headaches (or any tension related pain)
  • Reduced anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate
  • Slowing of the aging process
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved perception and memory
  • Stronger immune system
  • Enhanced emotional state

white-buddahMeditation is a state that is experienced when the mind is silenced from all thoughts. Normally we are bombarded with a continual stream of internal chatter, but through quietening our mind, a blissful inner peace and tranquility can be achieved.

There are various techniques used to attain this state, all of which fall under two main categories; concentrative meditation, and mindfulness meditation. Concentrative meditation is where you focus your attention upon a certain thing such as your breathing or heart rate, or perhaps a candle or a mantra. Mindfulness mediation is a relaxed concentration upon the present moment, allowing you to consciously perceive the environment around you, or to become alert to the inner world of thoughts and emotions.

Today I am going to talk about particularly inspiring meditation practice; visualization of a place. This is especially beneficial for people (like myself) who have an extremely high-pressure, busy lifestyle as it allows you to ‘get away from it all’ at no cost, without even leaving your bedroom!

With this type of visualization you are using concentrated imagination to vividly create a scene in your mind’s eye, incorporating all of your senses to really bring the visualization to life.

Now, I want to point out there is a very big difference between concentrated imagination and fantasy, although many people confuse the two. With concentrated imagination, you are directing the concentrated mind to consciously imagine, explore or remember something, which is a very active process. Fantasy on the other hand is a passive process, whereby you let the mind wander on its own accord without conscious direction. Fantasy strengthens the subconscious and does not produce the benefits of meditation, therefore is not recommended.

Concentrated visualization strengthens the consciousness, and as such also strengthens faculties of the consciousness (of which I outlined in my ‘mantras for awakening psychic facilities’ post). This type of visualization can yield unexpected information about the place you are visualizing, for example sometimes you can ‘see’ things in your mind’s eye that are actually there. One time I was doing this practice in my bedroom, using my back-yard as the object of my visualization. During it I saw a ladder leaning against the side of the house, something not normally there. Later when I went outside, the ladder was exactly where I had seen it in my visualization! At first I thought maybe it had been there for a while and I had recorded it in my subconscious, but I asked the person I was living with at the time, and they told me that they had in fact put it there while I was lying down because they wanted to get something off the roof.



It can greatly assist your visualization to study photographs or footage of the place you are going to visualize. It is even better if you can actually go there – take in all the details you can about your chosen destination. When you are re-creating the scene in your mind’s eye, you want to incorporate as much details as possible – you want to be able to ‘feel’ what it is like to actually be there using all of your 5 senses to make it as vivid as possible.

candles1Your meditation area.

As with all meditation practices, preparation of your immediate environment is important. Make sure your surroundings are neat and tidy – a messy room reflects a messy mind. Keeping your meditation area is in order actually assists you in the practice, believe it or not!

You may also like to light some candles, incense or essential oils to bring a mystical feel to your practice.

Ensure you will be comfortable – use pillows and blankets if necessary. You may choose to either sit up or lie down. Personally, if I lie down I find it more difficult to maintain concentration and I tend to fall to sleep, so I like to sit up with my back supported.

This is YOUR time, so make sure you won’t be interrupted. Lock your door and take your phone off the hook. If you are living with people, let them know you don’t want to be disturbed during this time.

If you have things on your mind, it can help to write them down before the practice so that you don’t have to think about them during it. The time you allocate should be dedicated to nothing other than your mediation.

Below are different variations of this type of meditation:

cottage1.  Visualization of a favorite place.

This can be a really comforting practice. Think of a favorite place, a place that is very special to you, perhaps it is one that makes you feel comfortable and happy, or perhaps it makes you feel inspired. Perhaps it is a place from your childhood – for me I like to imagine my Grandma’s house where I used to stay during my school holidays. Imagine what it is like in the sanctuary of your favorite place.

forrest2. Visualization of a place in nature.

Nature provides a particularly enjoyable setting for a visualization meditation. You could use a lush green forest, or a beautiful sandy beach – anywhere that inspires you! If you are longing for that special holiday, why not go there in your mind’s eye and take some time out just for yourself to relax and unwind. It could be a place that you have been to before, or perhaps it is a place from your imagination.

pyramids13. Visualization of a well-known landmark.

There are many wonderful places we can go to and explore with our mind’s eye, including significant landmarks. Some popular choices include the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, or the Temple of Delphi in Greece, or perhaps Stone Henge in England, even our Solar System! It can be very useful to study pictures of the place/landmark to help you re-create the scene and imagine what it is like to actually be there. Also, some of these places hold a special esoteric significance, and to explore them with your consciousness could yield some surprising information that you weren’t expecting!

Guided Meditation.

beachTo help start you off, I have prepared a guided meditation using the 2nd method; visualization of a place in nature. You are welcome to download this free of charge. Due to the size of the file I had to separate it into 2 parts, so I suggest you import them as a play list into Windows Media Player so you can play them successively without interruption – just right-click on each link and select ‘save link as’:  Part 1 & Part 2.

The setting is a tropical beach, and I will guide you through a relaxation, and then begin to guide your journey. The recording goes for approximately 15 minutes in total, after which you can continue with the visualization on your own.


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