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Would you rather live in a world where there was no poverty, starvation, war, murder…. wouldn’t you rather live in peace?

I think peace begins with the individual. As individuals, we may think we can’t change the state of the world. But we can bring about a positive change in our own life, and in our relationships with the people in our lives. We can lead a more peaceful, spiritual life, and together we can change the state of the world. This change begins internally, when we change ourselves.

Society is simply a sum of the individuals in it. It is a reflection of who we are, and what we have inside of ourselves. The lack of peace in the world is a reflection of the lack of peace inside the people of the world.

Most would say they are peaceful people, and are not responsible for the worlds problems and atrocities. I used to say this myself; “Hey I’m one of the nice people!” But when I observe myself, I find there are many negative subconscious states inside me, anger, greed, ill-will etc. For example, the people I love most (my family, partner etc) have a knack for pushing my buttons and I can get frustrated and even angry at them, usually feeling bad about it afterwards. I have greed: I often eat WAY too much on Christmas Day feeling positively ill afterwards. I have been known to get impatient in peak hour traffic when I am running late. If someone does me wrong I can turn downright nasty, even if it is just me replaying the scene in my head with what I would like to have said or done to that person…. I could go on and on. All these states are a far cry from ‘peace’ within.

Now these may seem like harmless things, far from engaging in war and killing people. But we all have these negative states inside of us, and given the right circumstances, these subconscious states are what drive these global atrocities.

To find peace we need to change, we need to eliminate these negative subconscious states within, and increase our consciousness. If people can change themselves, then the whole world can change, because society is just a sum of the people in it.

I really do believe change does begin with the individual, and permanent lasting world peace is dependent on the changes we as individuals make. This is why I am trying to change.

Here are some very insightful talks about the state of the world today and the state of humanity, with some chilling statistics that really make you think.

Wouldn’t you rather live in peace?


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I wanted to share with you this amazing powerful teaching given by Edith Pritchard of the Gnostic Movement. Edith describes the effects of the egos upon us, and describes a practice called the analysis of an ego (which is a extract from the meditation of an ego, a cornerstone of Gnostic practice).

Egos are energies that drive thoughts and emotions, like anger, negativity pride, jealousy, sadness etc. Generally when we think of the term ‘ego’ we relate it to pride. However in this context pride is just one of many different ego states.

This teaching looks into the cause of our mysteries, sufferings and pain, the source of our problems. It explains what takes away our peace and happiness, and how to glean the information we need to be able to work to towards achieving lasting peace and happiness within ones self.

This valuable teaching is knowledge of ourselves. Understanding of oneself leads to a deep and profound knowledge, which is Gnosis. The word ‘Gnosis’ is a Greek word for knowledge, but it is not like book knowledge that you get from reading or studying something external (which is information). Gnosis refers to knowledge through experience.

The is the type of knowledge that the ancient Gnostics practiced for centuries, an inner knowledge that allowed them to experience amazing things. It leads not only to a knowledge within ones self, but to the knowledge of the All, and we use this knowledge for a Spiritual transformation.

Enjoy the lecture and the guided meditation practice, which includes the powerful mantra ‘Gate Gate Pāragate Pārasamgate Bodhi Svāhā‘, used for quietening the mind.

(If the video doesn’t load for you properly, you can also watch it HERE)

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wedding ringsI got married a couple of months ago, and I also moved countries to be with my new husband! Yes this has been a big change, and the reason for my temporary hiatus from blogging. But as things are settling down it seems I am back 🙂

Marriage is a wonderful thing; it’s a partnership that creates a marvelous opportunity for learning and for inner change.

I have found some interesting things since being married. In particular I can see how my own inner states directly effect my husband’s reactions to me; in that sense he is like a mirror for what I have going on within.

This morning was a good example of this. I was mildly annoyed at something he did (which was really quite incidental) and it caught me off-guard. Instead of observing this negative inner state and applying the elimination technique that I learned, I acted on it and scolded him.

Not long after, it became apparent that I had stirred up frustration in him and his tone of voice became short and sharp. This intern stirred up more annoyance within me as my pride didn’t like being spoken to in that tone of voice…

…But then I caught myself and realized what was happening; we were both getting caught in a negative spiral, which was sparked by my initial mild annoyance. I was then able to apply the elimination techniques to the negativity that was mounting within me, and instead of further escalating the situation I was able to respond with love and kindness.

It seems to always be this way – as soon as I get any kind of negative reaction from my husband, I can reflect back and instantly see that this was sparked from something negative within me. He has become like a barometer for me to know how I am doing internally.

If gone unchecked this is how fights begin; with one partner sparking negativity in the other, which intern feeds more negativity back. The marvelous thing about this spiritual work is you can break that negative cycle. It gives insight into how these things work internally, and provides an opportunity to change. It gives rise to the ability to act in a more intelligent way, instead of being pulled along at the whim of these internal subconscious negative drives (‘egos’).

Hopefully I’ll be able to share more insights with you as I go along we go along!

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