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I live in an apartment complex with a gym. You need an electronic key to get into it – which I don’t currently have in my possession – so I’ve been meaning to get another from the rental office. Today as I was driving past the office my intuition told me to get the key now.

Everything happens for a reason.

The office should have been open for another 20 minutes, but today it was closed. I went around the side door and saw there were still people in there; the office lady was talking to someone and beckoned me to wait a moment, which I did.

When she was finished she let me in. She had been crying. She apologized; her mother had died 2 weeks earlier and she was having a ‘moment’ so closed early today, but was happy to help me with what I needed.

I told her I was sorry about her loss, I had lost my mother some years earlier so understood just how difficult it can be. She asked me how she died (I understand first-hand how talking about such things can be comforting) and so I told her about her sudden death.

She was sorry to hear about how Mum died, and told me that although she ‘kind of’ knew that her own mother had heath issues, she didn’t realize to what extent and therefore her death was still very unexpected. Her mother had gone to the doctor and had various tests, and the doctor essentially told her she had all the makings of a heart condition. He urged her to have a procedure done, but she was a firm believer of natural remedies and believed that she could fix her heath by living a healthy lifestyle and eating right, so declined the procedure. The office lady told me she wished she had realized just how serious her mother’s condition was, but she figured she knew what her mother was doing and knew best. Had she had only known what she knows now, she would have made her mother have that procedure.

I told her she shouldn’t blame herself. I am a firm believer that when it is your time, it is your time. I said that even if she did have that procedure, she may have died on the operating table. It is not her fault for how things turned out; it was just her time and there was nothing she could have done about it.

But I know all too-well that self blame. I spoke of my own mother, and how none of us could have had any possible warning of what was to come, yet still I somehow blamed myself. Over and over I would replay in my mind the endless possibilities of how I could have somehow intervened by doing something differently, and somehow changed destiny.

But after she died, upon reflection there were many things Mum did and said that indicated that somewhere deep down she knew she was going to die. I didn’t realize it before her death, but afterwards I reflected on these strange things she she did and said, and in hindsight it was obvious that some part of her knew what was to come.

The office lady told me that it was strange I even said that, as her own mother has started saying strange things herself. She was living with her the 3 months leading up to her death, and one of the strange things her mother told her about was a dream she had, that she dreamed she was getting married.

I told her that dreaming about getting married can be symbolic of the fact you are going to die, and that was a teaching she received. While death is a terribly sad event for us here who are losing someone we love, for Spiritual Beings death is the start of a new beginning or a new chapter and a celebration, just as marriage is. Thus dreaming of getting married can often be a spiritual teaching that one is going to die.

I told her I have a book that explains some dream symbology, and I asked her to wait a moment while I went upstairs to get it for her. I came back and showed her the “Dream Symbols” chapter:


Physical death – of the person who is dreaming they are getting married, or death of the person in the marriage ceremony they are dreaming about.

She couldn’t believe it. And she couldn’t believe how I randomly turned up at that moment and embarked on this conversation with her, and how she randomly told me about this dream her mother had, like it was meant to happen.

Everything happens for a reason.

I then told her a little about astral travel, and about how some years ofter my mother’s death I found her personality in the astral and had an experience with her (which I wrote about here. I also wrote about how she died here).

I explained that a person’s personality is fully formed at about the age of 7, and it contains everything about that person in this life; all their memories, everything they learned and what we attribute to “them”. When a person dies, their consciousness (that ‘spark’ that is awake) moves on to the next stage in the wheel of life, likely to be reincarnated into another life. But just like the physical body is discarded after death in the physical plane, the personality is also discarded after death in the astral plane. When people see ghosts, they are often seeing the personalities of dead people.

I told her that finding Mum’s personality really helped me a lot in getting over the loss.

She asked me if that was really her though? I told her not ‘really’; her consciousness (the spiritual part) is who she really is, but her personality was everything that I knew her to be in this life – she looked like Mum, she smelled like Mum, she recognized me and I could hold her and hug her and hold her and we talked. Her personality was all the things I missed about her. Her consciousness was gone, and thus it was like she was in a dream. But that experience made me realize that what I was holding onto and missing so much (her personality) was not really her, and I was able to stop missing her so much after that. It gave me an insight to life that I couldn’t possibly convey in words, and it was an incredibly healing experience.

I gave her the book (it was my very last copy) and told her to read it. It talks a little about death, and it gives her real tools to actually find out and ‘know’ about death, and the ability to unlock many answers that she would be lost for right now. It really helped me a lot, and I know it will help her.

Everything happens for a reason.

Today in itself was a teaching. Largely for her, but even more so for me. The Divine is real and we are all being guided by spiritual beings all of the time, whether we recognize it or not. Nothing is chance; everything happens for a reason. What we make of the chances we are given is up to us; but we are given many chances and teachings showing us this all of the time. If you don’t believe me, then you can find this out for yourself.

Upon leaving she exclaimed what if she has a dream that she was getting married? Would this mean she was going to die? I told her no not necessarily; we just had this conversation about it so she may very well have a dream about marriage, just because it is recorded in her subconscious and seemed to be something that concerned her. To know the difference between a subconscious dream and a spiritual teaching she would need to get in touch with her intuition and learn how to ‘feel’ to interpret the real meaning of dreams. A book can only tell you so much, but to really understand them you need to discover how to unlock your intuition for yourself. But the book gives you the tools for how to do so.

(The book I gave her was “A course in Astral Travel and Dreams”, which is no longer in print but is soon to be released as a free e-book. I think you can still pick it up on Amazon though – and if this post struck a chord with you I encourage you to get it. It is an AMAZING discovery! You found my post for a reason, after-all!)


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I am very lucky. My Husband is very supportive of my pursuit of Gnosis. He has no interest in it himself, however he made the effort to investigate it and to learn about what it is that interests me, because he loves me.

He was open-minded in his approach. He read the books and took one of the courses. He tried the practices, came to the Gnostic Center, and even attended a couple of retreats (in fact one of which ended up being our honeymoon). He incorporated the techniques of awareness and self-observation into his daily life and found them to be beneficial, so much so he even gave the book ‘The Peace of the Spirit Within‘ to a friend who was deploying to Iraq because he thought the techniques would help him there.

After all of that, my Husband decided Gnosis wasn’t for him. After looking into it he thinks it’s a worthwhile pursuit and experienced first-hand how the practices can benefit one’s daily life (and on occasion still uses some of them). But he is simply not interested in esoteric pursuits. He doesn’t particularly care what’s beyond this physical world, doesn’t care what is beyond this life, isn’t interested in the meaning of it all and doesn’t care to awaken. He is a true Agnostic; he doesn’t believe or disbelieve in the Divine, and while he is open to the possibility, it is simply not important to him to find out.

For me, a person with such a yearning to investigate and know these things, I find it perplexing that someone else can have no such desire. How could you not!?! But I guess he sees my point of view the same way. I wish he was interested, but the choice is his. That’s free will and I can’t impose my will upon him.

I call him “my clay man”, he loves his clay world. He loves his physical pursuits and his physical goals. He is always talking about things that I consider mundane, but I listen with interest and engage in his conversation, and I support him, because I love him. We support each other, and that is so important.

Unfortunately some people aren’t as lucky as me. There are many who have spouses or family that don’t support their Gnostic pursuits, and some that are even against it. They haven’t taken the time to really investigate what the inner work is all about, they haven’t explored the practices, and haven’t approached it with an open mind. As such they don’t understand it, and as it often happens when someone doesn’t understand something, it can be strange and even foreboding to them.

You see, a Gnostic life is very different from the way mainstream society operates. Gnostics value spiritual richness, seeking to investigate esoteric mysteries beyond the physical world through practices such as meditation, astral projection (aka out-of-body experiences) and studying dreams. Material wealth is of little value, and physical desires are a distraction which keep one locked into ‘the wheel of life’. A Gnostic strives to be in the present moment, observing one’s thoughts and emotions instead of being governed by them. Once what is within is seen and understood, one can begin to slowly change with the goal to become more spiritual – to reach enlightenment.

In stark contrast, society values material wealth, worldly pursuits and physical pleasures. Success is measured by what you own, how much money you make and/or how powerful you are. The masses seek pleasure and avoid pain, and live their lives driven by desires, emotions, reactions and perceptions, largely unaware of how their psyche operates. Further, they are even unaware that they are unaware!

For this reason it can be very difficult for a person who decides to pursue a Gnostic way of life. People don’t understand why you no longer wish to go clubbing or drinking, or why you lose interest in material pursuits. They think it strange that you stop engaging in their gossip, bitching and complaining, and can’t comprehend how you can be calm and peaceful in situations that solicit emotional reactions in them; why you stop acting the way ‘normal’ people do.

One of my Gnostic friends had to completely hide his esoteric activities from his family and practice in secret and isolation. He lived in the Philippines, which is largely a Christian/Catholic culture that is also very superstitious. His family likened practices such as meditation, mantras and astral travel to that of witchcraft or devil worship.

He discovered Gnosis by way of a dream, but it was like no other he had ever had. He received a spiritual teaching in that dream, and when he woke he knew it was something real and something he had to investigate. He got on the internet and searched and searched until he found Belsebuub’s teachings, and immediately he knew this is what he was shown in his dream.

He didn’t know anyone else who practiced Gnosis, and so he began to practice on his own, in secret, with no support from anyone around him. He practiced diligently, and through his practices he began to investigate the esoteric side to life and received mystical experiences. He tried to broach it with his friends and family, but quickly learned from their reactions that it was not something he could share with them.

He studied all the material and became an advanced student, and the only support he had was that of the on-line community (which is where we first became acquainted). Then in 2008 I had the good fortune of meeting this remarkable young man in person when I spent two months in the Philippines with work.

Every weekend he would travel a great distance from where he lived to come and see me, and while the rest of my work colleagues would go shopping and partying, I spent all my time with him. We would talk about Gnosis and esoteric things and shared our experiences. We would take awareness walks together, do meditations, concentration practices and mantras, and he was SO happy to have someone else he could relate to and practice with.

He told me about his challenges and how difficult it was for him to practice Gnosis in isolation, and lonely. He was extremely close to his family and wished he could share it with them, but there was no way they would understand or accept his way of life. So he began to pray to the Divine to send someone so he wouldn’t be alone in his spiritual quest; a teacher, someone who would start a Gnostic center there in the Philippines so he could be with other Gnostics. And while I was not a teacher and was only going to be there a short time, I had just begun the teacher’s course, and our time together meant so much to him that he believed his prayers had been answered. I felt so much compassion for him, and admiration for his strength and determination.

I am very lucky. My Husband is very supportive of my pursuit of Gnosis, and I couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be not to have his support.

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dreamingI learned how to wake up in dreams using techniques that can be found in the book “A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams

I don’t mean to become lucid in a dream where you become aware that you are dreaming and gain some control over the dream, I mean to take it one step further and actually ‘wake up’, becoming fully conscious so that you are not dreaming at all anymore, and to have a conscious astral travel experience.

The first time I experienced this was about 1 ½ years ago. I was having a dream where I was holding a strange-looking fishing rod, when some kind of giant creature/thing started chasing me. It wasn’t overly frightening like true nightmares can be, but my instincts told me to run and so I did.

It wasn’t long before I thought “hang on, this is a very bizarre situation” and I realized this wasn’t ‘reality’, I must be dreaming! Once I realized this, I knew that whatever was chasing me was just a figment of my imagination, so I stopped running. The creature as well as the scene I was in disappeared, and I found myself standing in my apartment.

Funnily enough I was still holding onto the fishing rod.  Knowing it wasn’t real, I dropped it and it vanished before it hit the ground.

In the course I learned there were things you could do to test whether you were in the physical or the astral, such as pulling your finger – if you are in the astral it will stretch (there are different laws that govern the astral, and as such matter behaves differently over there. For instance the law of gravity doesn’t work the same so you can fly and you can also go though solid objects just as walls). Even though I knew I was in the astral I decided to test anyway. So I pulled my finger and it indeed did stretch like rubber!

I looked around and the thing that struck me the most was how familiar the mystical feeling of being in the astral was, and I thought to myself “wow, I do this all the time, I just don’t remember”.

The next time I woke in a dream happened not long after, when I was overseas. I had gone to the Philippines for work, and it happened the night I arrived. During my travel I was pushing really hard for awareness, and this no doubt helped increase my lucidity that night.

We got to our hotel late at night. I was tired so went strait to bed. Before doing so I closed the curtains in my room, but unfortunately I didn’t do a very good job and left a gap between them. It was just enough for the sun to come streaming through in the early hours of the morning and get me right in the face! Being comfortable and sleepy, I turned over and buried my head under the blankets. But the light was still bothering me, so eventually I got up and went over and shut the curtains.

I turned to go back to bed and noticed that the hotel room was a complete mess! There were things thrown about everywhere, and I was really puzzled… I had only just arrived and gone strait to bed, how on earth did the room get to be in this state? Then I saw on the floor a possession from my childhood, and I was like ‘wait a minute, this can’t be right, maybe this is a dream?’ But it felt SO real that I was totally confused. So I pulled my finger, and it stretched. But I still wasn’t convinced, so I had to pull it another 2 times to satisfy myself that it was in fact the astral and not the physical. And there I was, fully awake in my hotel room, having a conscious OBE. Only this time it didn’t feel mystical at all, it really felt just like the physical.

Then I decided to visit by brother back home in Australia, and attempted to fly out the window. But I couldn’t seem to get though the glass. I sensed this was a psychological barrier, so I turned over and sailed though backwards without a problem.

I flew out over Makati city, and it looked beautiful! I got distracted by this and just flew above the city for a while, taking it in. By the time I decided to visit my brother I had lost some lucidity and began to fall into a dream.

I dreamed that I was with my brother in Australia, and we were on the rooftops of houses and I was telling him how cool it was that we were in the astral! Then he said he had to go now and left. Not long after I woke up – I was back in the hotel bed, with the sun still streaming through the curtains.

I called my brother to tell him about the experience, and amazingly he said “that makes sense now!” At around the same time he had also projected consciously, (unlike me he has a natural ability to do so), when he heard a familiar female voice talking to him. Thinking it was his girlfriend who was in the bed next to him, he purposely went back into his body to see what she wanted. Only when he did so she was fast asleep! He woke her and asked if she said something to him, but she said no. When I told him about my experience he remembered the voice as mine, not his girlfriends!

Unlike most people I know who have taken the Astral Travel and Dreams course, I tend to project more often than wake up in dreams. I imagine this is a direct reflection of how unaware I am during the day, and it indicates that I need to push much harder to wake up my consciousness moment to moment…

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cloudsWhat are dreams?

Dreams are a fascinating phenomenon, don’t you think? Because they are so common and familiar, we don’t really pay them too much attention. But have you ever considered the strangeness of dreams? Don’t you think it’s odd that during sleep you find yourself in a whole other reality playing out some strange scene? Have you ever wondered what dreams are?

When we sleep we really are in a whole other reality. At the moment sleep occurs, our consciousness leaves our physical body and enters the astral plane of the 5th dimension. Only we are usually unaware of this process because of the state of our psyche. Let me explain:

From the moment you wake there is a constant stream of thoughts running though your mind. You get out of bed and into the shower thinking things like what you have planned for the day, what you are going to wear, what you are going to have for breakfast, revisiting conversations you had the day before etc. This constant stream of thoughts continues the entire day, and the vast majority of our waking moments are spent in a perpetual day-dream.

This process of relentless thinking continues when we go to sleep at night, and our day-dreams become our night-dreams. Having left the body there is no three dimensional world to anchor us back to reality, and our thoughts project as images onto the astral plane. We become lost in these subconscious projections and find ourselves in a dream.

But whether we are aware of it or not, we are in a very real place when we dream. We are multi-dimensional beings, with our physical body residing in the physical plane (the 3rd dimension of length, width and height). The physical is subject to time, which is of the 4th dimension. But our psyche resides in higher dimensions, with the 5th dimension being the realm of our thoughts and emotions. It is in this 5th dimension that we find the astral plane, the place we go to when we dream. All these dimensions exist simultaneously, and the various parts of us reside in these various dimensions all at once.

While most dreams are merely subconscious projections, depending on your lucidity you may see some events that are actually taking place in the astral plane. Alternatively they can be a mix of actual events and subconscious projections.

obe-mainimage02_175x210Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel.

A lucid dream is where you become aware of the fact you are dreaming and gain some control over your dream. However while you gain some ‘lucidity’ and a degree clarity, the subconscious dream images are still apparent. You may even be able to create things from your subconscious at will, for example if you think of an ice-cream and visualize an ice-cream, then an ice-cream will appear. It is not real of course, it is merely a subconscious projection which prevents you from objectively seeing the reality you are in.

Astral travel is a step further than lucid dreaming; it is where you gain full consciousness while in the astral plane. Obviously this is the preferred state to be in because it allows you to objectively perceive reality. A conscious astral travel experience can be as real as any physical experience.

Why don’t we remember dreams?

Every night we dream, whether we remember them or not.

Our state of awareness during the day has a profound affect on both the clarity of our dreams and our ability to remember them. If we are deeply submerged in the subconscious during the day, this will also be the case at night when we sleep. In such times because the subconscious is so strong we tend not to remember those dreams.

Also we may not have trained our memory to remember our dreams and simply may not be in the habit of doing so. However this can be changed!

How to remember dreams:

The first step to successful dream recall is remaining still when you first wake up. This may take some practice, but it is something you can train yourself to do. There is a loose connection between the physical and astral bodies at this moment, making dream recall easier; moving will lock the physical and astral bodies together.

Remain still and recall the most recent dream in as much detail as possible, going back as far as you can remember. You may even be able to recall successive dreams.

If you still can’t remember your dreams, there is a mantra you can say that assists in dream recollection: RAOM GAOM, pronounced: “RRRRRRAAAAAAOOOOOMMMMM…GGGGGAAAAAOOOOOOMMMMM. You repeatedly say this internally (in your mind) while remaining still. As you do so dream images should start to appear. Concentrate on the images and begin to recall the dream. You can repeat this process if you need to.

Like any skill, the more it is practiced the better you become at it.

The importance of Dreams.

Many people brush-off their dreams as nonsense, but even dreams that are largely subconscious projections can be very useful tools because they give us valuable insight to our psyche.

In dreams we find ourselves doing all sorts of things that we wouldn’t normally do in waking life. In the physical realm we are bound by social/cultural norms and restraints, however these do not apply in the astral realm; there our subconscious (egos) can run rampant and act out as it pleases.

For example, during the day we may have a run-in with a colleague at work. Internally we may be really annoyed with the person and think to ourselves ‘I could kill him/her right now’, but of course we wouldn’t act on such a thing. But that night in a dream we find ourselves in an angry scene acting out some horrible atrocity.

The truth is that our dreams are accurate reflections of what we have inside. They offer a window into our subconscious, and even though we may restrain our behavior in daily life, those drives/impulses are still very much alive deep within us. Often we are completely unaware of the nature of our psyche during the day, so our dreams can show us things about ourselves that we would otherwise not see. They can show us things that we urgently need to work upon if we want to develop spiritually.

crystal-ballProphetic Dreams

People from all over the world experience premonitions of the future in their dreams. One of the reasons for this is because the 5th dimension (where dreams take place) is Eternity; it is beyond time as we know it in the physical plane.

Further, there is a causal mechanism that occurs where events happen first in the higher dimensions and gradually permeate down until they manifest in the physical plane. As such we can get information about events that have happened there before they have manifested here.

Not only can we get information about future events from dreams, we can also get information about past events and even past lives. Every event that happens is stored and forms what are called ‘Akashic records’, which we can access in the astral. Investigating past lives is on my ‘to-do’ list of astral investigations. I have been told that going to these akashic records is like being in that scene during that time.

Practicing the mantra ‘A’ for 20-30 minutes before bed can assist in recalling past life events in our dreams.

nightmareNightmares and bad dreams

Bad or unpleasant dreams are very common; fighting with people, being chased, unpleasant circumstances etc. The state of our psyche is the reason for this, and it is a little wonder when we are continually bombarded with images of violence and unpleasant things in movies and on TV. Our society is a reflection of the inner-states of the individuals in it, and such things are considered ‘entertainment’ and enjoyed in our society. It is a sad reflection of who we are inside, and our internal negative states and strong emotions manifest into bad dreams.

True nightmares are a little different than bad dreams, they are more terrifying and horrific with a very distinct feel to them. Nightmares occur in a different place than regular dreams, being the lower or infra- dimensions. Eating a large meal before sleeping can increase the likelihood of nightmares occurring.

It is possible to avoid nightmares and bad dreams all together by working on one’s psyche and eliminating the negative inner states that cause them.

angel1Dream Symbolism and Spiritual Teachings

There are other beings that exist in the higher dimensions. These include one’s own Being (one’s Divine Mother and Divine Father), and beings that have awakened spiritually. The latter are mentioned in different religions and myths, commonly portrayed as ‘Angels’ or ‘Guides’. These spiritual beings can sometimes place scenes or objects in our dreams for the purpose of teaching.

Spiritual teachings are given symbolically. The language of symbols is a universal language, and it’s the language of the higher dimensions. Symbols can say things that can’t be said in words; words are limited in what they can covey, where as a symbol can have a far greater depth in its meaning.

While there are some universal dream symbols, often the symbolism is personal to the dreamer – what may mean something for you in the context of your dream and your experience, may differ to that of someone else. For this reason, relying on books or other people to interpret your dreams can lead to inaccurate interpretations. It is far better to learn how to interpret your own dreams to understand spiritual teachings and tap into hidden knowledge.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that these types of dreams are very personal. It is best not to share the details within your dreams with others, rather only talk about them at a general level if you have to. Teachings in dreams are given specifically to us, and are meant for us alone. If we share them we give this information away to others who may have not deserve this type of teaching yet.

Sometimes after you share information about your dreams, you may find that you won’t receive any meaningful teachings for a while. This is a kind of “punishment” for revealing the personal teachings given to us. The higher beings test our ability to remain silent, so that they know they can give us more knowledge later. It is called “hermetic silence” which we have to keep when it comes to information from higher worlds.

Intuition is essential for dream interpretation – dreams will often make no sense to the rational mind – their meaning needs to be ‘felt’ rather than intellectually analyzed. When you first wake from a dream, that initial feeling you have about it is likely to be intuitive and thus accurate – once you begin to think about it with the mind you are likely to lose that intuitive meaning. Regularly practicing Mantra ‘O’ will assist in activating intuition.

If you can’t grasp that intuitive meaning initially, meditating on your dream and quietening the mind can assist in understanding its correct meaning.

Meditation on a Dream.

  1. Begin with a thorough relaxation of the body, systematically going through all muscle groups from head to toe and letting go of any tension.
  2. Retrospect over the dream; replay the dream in your mind as if you are watching a movie, recalling as much detail as possible.
  3. Move to an inner observation; Become aware of your inner state and what mood you are in. Begin to observe the various thoughts and emotions that arise within, but don’t become identified with them – just observe them and let them pass in a serene way. Once your mind begins to slow move onto the next step.
  4. Inner investigation; This is similar to the inner observation, however at this step you briefly analyze the thought/emotion before letting it pass. Try to grasp the origin, cause, reason and motive of each thought/emotion, then let it go. It is important not to involve the mind too much while doing this – the purpose is to slow the mind down, not engage it. Just try to grasp the flavor of the thought/emotion and then let it pass. Once the mind has slowed even further into a meditative state, move on.
  5. Finally analyze the dream images you can recall, trying to discover their meaning. If you have sufficiently quietened the mind in the previous steps, you should be able to gain an understanding which is beyond intellectual reasoning.

Some complex dreams may still not make any sense at that moment, but will make sense after a some time has elapsed and more understanding has been developed. As such it is well worth the effort to journal your dreams in as much detail as you can, and revisit them at a later time. I have written down dreams which made no sense to me what-so-ever at the time, but reading over them 2 years later have been able to grasp the significant teachings there because of the understanding I developed over that time.

With experience, we can learn the difference between our subconscious and the information we can get from higher dimensions. By tackling the subconscious in daily life we can gradually reduce it and be able to have clearer, more profound dreams, be more receptive to spiritual teachings, and even have conscious out-of-body experiences.

To explore all this in much more detail, I highly recommend the book “A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams“.

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