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This photo is of the lake at the back of our house. Last night I projected there by visualizing it!

There are several different ways of getting into the astral and having a conscious out-of-body experience (if you are not familiar with OBEs or astral travel, read this).

With some techniques, you can project out of your body and directly into the room that you are in. Or you can learn how to wake up in a dream (and I don’t mean to have a lucid dream where you become aware of the fact you are dreaming, but to actually ‘wake up’ from a dream and find yourself consciously in the astral). Another way is to visualize a place, and if you can hold that visualization as you fall to sleep you can project directly to that place.

I rarely have any success with this technique of visualization, but last night I was actually able to visualize the lake at the back of my house and project directly there for the first time!

Earlier in the evening I had gone for an ‘awareness walk’ around the lake. I focused with all my might to be in awareness of the present moment; feeling the cool air on my skin, opening up my hearing to all the sounds of the evening, looking at the beautiful scenery before me, feeling each step and noticing the texture of the ground I was walking on – using all of my 5 senses to anchor myself in the present moment and escape the relentless thinking of the mind. If thoughts came and took me away, I would let them go and focus on the present moment again.

I really made a lot of effort to be conscious and aware, and it obviously paid off! Later that night in bed, after a couple of hours of sleep I woke up and turned over, when I caught myself thinking and the thoughts beginning to appear as dream images in my mind. Because I had been pushing for awareness earlier, my consciousness was active enough for me to gain awareness of the dream images before I had fallen into a full-on dream. So I seized the opportunity and started to purposely visualize my earlier walk around the lake. I tried to incorporate all my senses into my visualization and re-create in my mind the walk in as much vividness as I could, and to really put myself in the scene. Before long, I actually merged into the visualization, and I WAS in the scene – actually walking around the lake at the back of our place!

It was pretty cool. I took a little jump and started floating in the air, then came down and continued walking around the lake. It was just beautiful. I actually had planned to investigate some specific things the next time I got out-of-body, but I was so taken with how lovely it felt to just be in the astral that moment in that beautiful scene, I just walked around and took it all in!

Actually, I think I may go for another awareness walk right now….


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I love the sky. It is so beautiful, like a giant canvas; a stunning piece of art-work that is forever shifting and changing… the deep blues… the brilliant colors of the sunrises and sunsets… the soft clouds… the shimmering moon and sparkling stars on the backdrop of night… lightning bursts bringing the sky to life… the sky, always amazing, always changing.

I often look at the sky and contemplate. That piece of sky that I am looking at in that moment will never be the same again…in the next moment, the view as I saw it will be gone forever, something that can never be witnessed again as I had witnessed it. Sometimes that thought just seems kind of profound. It’s like receiving a priceless gift in return for simply paying attention.

I like to be still and just watch the sky; to watch the clouds slowly drift above me. If I really ground myself in the present moment, it feels like I step right out of time, and as I watch the clouds drift by it’s like I am witnessing time drift by. And the clouds never stop moving. Like time, it never stops. Slowly, constantly drifting by. To step out of it and whiteness this can feel surreal.

There is a lot to learn from the sky, I find anyway. How rarely do we even look up and notice it? Yet to do so at times can be profound. Try it. Look up, be aware, and pay attention, and take it in. It’s a feeling that I can’t really describe.   It’s just beautiful.

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