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dreamThe mantra RAOM GAOM is a mantra to remember your dreams, and it’s amazing just how effective it is.

It is the first mantra I ever learned when I took the Dreams and Out-of-Body Experiences course for the first time, and I was amazed to discover it really works! It’s one of my favorite mantras.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, keep your eyes closed and lie perfectly still (if you don’t move at all during the transition from sleep to wakefulness it is most effective) and you pronounce this mantra internally (in your head) for about 10 minutes, or until your dreams start coming back to you. Then focus on your dream(s) and remember as much as you can. When you can’t remember any more, start saying the mantra internally again, and you’ll find even more dreams come back to you.

It works because there are parts of us (including chakras) that the mantra stimulates and activates.

This video was taken at a Gnostic retreat my husband and I attended in July this year, where we did the mantra RAOM GAOM as a group. Have a listen and become familiar with it so that you can try it out yourself. I’d love to hear back from you about how you found it and if it worked for you, so I welcome your comments and feedback!

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gatheringstorm_1It is said that ‘pride makes us stupid’, in that it clouds us from seeing things objectively and distorts our perception of the way things really are.

Through observing myself, I have seen that when my pride has been bruised, it sparks that little voice within that likes to argue, justify and self-talk it’s way through to the delusion of being right. Further, there’s a certain pleasure that comes from this internal dialog that is really hypnotizing, and it takes a lot of effort not indulge it.

This is something that I have been battling with lately. ‘Hurt feelings’. And I have seen just how ugly that little voice within can be, internally lashing out with a ghastly negativity towards the perpetrators of my perceived grievance.

This is where the buck must stop with me. Regardless of the circumstances I find myself in, I must not allow this negativity to manifest.

A Great Teacher once said that negativity permeates though the higher dimensions and actually does harm to others (and ourselves), even though we can’t see it. It’s a grotesque, monstrous pollutant that is absolutely toxic, and if we could only see its ugliness then we would see we have an urgent responsibility to keep our feelings in check.

Whether I am right or not it is irrelevant, so the little internal voice that wants to convince me that I am is a treacherous deception. That voice that tells me how justified I am is a lie.

The truth is, the situation presents me with a choice:

One one hand, I have an opportunity to see this ugly monster within and work towards eliminating it. In that sense, the situation is a gift, a blessing to which I should give thanks.

On the other hand, I can indulge this ugly monster within, and feel justified in harboring the destructive, harmful vibrations of anger, hurt and negativity, deluded that I am right. In that sense, the situation becomes a curse.

Each moment, we have that choice.

Some moments it seems I am winning this battle, some moments (more than I would like to admit) I am losing. But I have to keep fighting from moment to moment, for there is too much at stake. I don’t want to have this toxic monster within me any more.

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wedding ringsI got married a couple of months ago, and I also moved countries to be with my new husband! Yes this has been a big change, and the reason for my temporary hiatus from blogging. But as things are settling down it seems I am back 🙂

Marriage is a wonderful thing; it’s a partnership that creates a marvelous opportunity for learning and for inner change.

I have found some interesting things since being married. In particular I can see how my own inner states directly effect my husband’s reactions to me; in that sense he is like a mirror for what I have going on within.

This morning was a good example of this. I was mildly annoyed at something he did (which was really quite incidental) and it caught me off-guard. Instead of observing this negative inner state and applying the elimination technique that I learned, I acted on it and scolded him.

Not long after, it became apparent that I had stirred up frustration in him and his tone of voice became short and sharp. This intern stirred up more annoyance within me as my pride didn’t like being spoken to in that tone of voice…

…But then I caught myself and realized what was happening; we were both getting caught in a negative spiral, which was sparked by my initial mild annoyance. I was then able to apply the elimination techniques to the negativity that was mounting within me, and instead of further escalating the situation I was able to respond with love and kindness.

It seems to always be this way – as soon as I get any kind of negative reaction from my husband, I can reflect back and instantly see that this was sparked from something negative within me. He has become like a barometer for me to know how I am doing internally.

If gone unchecked this is how fights begin; with one partner sparking negativity in the other, which intern feeds more negativity back. The marvelous thing about this spiritual work is you can break that negative cycle. It gives insight into how these things work internally, and provides an opportunity to change. It gives rise to the ability to act in a more intelligent way, instead of being pulled along at the whim of these internal subconscious negative drives (‘egos’).

Hopefully I’ll be able to share more insights with you as I go along we go along!

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