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dreamingI learned how to wake up in dreams using techniques that can be found in the book “A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams

I don’t mean to become lucid in a dream where you become aware that you are dreaming and gain some control over the dream, I mean to take it one step further and actually ‘wake up’, becoming fully conscious so that you are not dreaming at all anymore, and to have a conscious astral travel experience.

The first time I experienced this was about 1 ½ years ago. I was having a dream where I was holding a strange-looking fishing rod, when some kind of giant creature/thing started chasing me. It wasn’t overly frightening like true nightmares can be, but my instincts told me to run and so I did.

It wasn’t long before I thought “hang on, this is a very bizarre situation” and I realized this wasn’t ‘reality’, I must be dreaming! Once I realized this, I knew that whatever was chasing me was just a figment of my imagination, so I stopped running. The creature as well as the scene I was in disappeared, and I found myself standing in my apartment.

Funnily enough I was still holding onto the fishing rod.  Knowing it wasn’t real, I dropped it and it vanished before it hit the ground.

In the course I learned there were things you could do to test whether you were in the physical or the astral, such as pulling your finger – if you are in the astral it will stretch (there are different laws that govern the astral, and as such matter behaves differently over there. For instance the law of gravity doesn’t work the same so you can fly and you can also go though solid objects just as walls). Even though I knew I was in the astral I decided to test anyway. So I pulled my finger and it indeed did stretch like rubber!

I looked around and the thing that struck me the most was how familiar the mystical feeling of being in the astral was, and I thought to myself “wow, I do this all the time, I just don’t remember”.

The next time I woke in a dream happened not long after, when I was overseas. I had gone to the Philippines for work, and it happened the night I arrived. During my travel I was pushing really hard for awareness, and this no doubt helped increase my lucidity that night.

We got to our hotel late at night. I was tired so went strait to bed. Before doing so I closed the curtains in my room, but unfortunately I didn’t do a very good job and left a gap between them. It was just enough for the sun to come streaming through in the early hours of the morning and get me right in the face! Being comfortable and sleepy, I turned over and buried my head under the blankets. But the light was still bothering me, so eventually I got up and went over and shut the curtains.

I turned to go back to bed and noticed that the hotel room was a complete mess! There were things thrown about everywhere, and I was really puzzled… I had only just arrived and gone strait to bed, how on earth did the room get to be in this state? Then I saw on the floor a possession from my childhood, and I was like ‘wait a minute, this can’t be right, maybe this is a dream?’ But it felt SO real that I was totally confused. So I pulled my finger, and it stretched. But I still wasn’t convinced, so I had to pull it another 2 times to satisfy myself that it was in fact the astral and not the physical. And there I was, fully awake in my hotel room, having a conscious OBE. Only this time it didn’t feel mystical at all, it really felt just like the physical.

Then I decided to visit by brother back home in Australia, and attempted to fly out the window. But I couldn’t seem to get though the glass. I sensed this was a psychological barrier, so I turned over and sailed though backwards without a problem.

I flew out over Makati city, and it looked beautiful! I got distracted by this and just flew above the city for a while, taking it in. By the time I decided to visit my brother I had lost some lucidity and began to fall into a dream.

I dreamed that I was with my brother in Australia, and we were on the rooftops of houses and I was telling him how cool it was that we were in the astral! Then he said he had to go now and left. Not long after I woke up – I was back in the hotel bed, with the sun still streaming through the curtains.

I called my brother to tell him about the experience, and amazingly he said “that makes sense now!” At around the same time he had also projected consciously, (unlike me he has a natural ability to do so), when he heard a familiar female voice talking to him. Thinking it was his girlfriend who was in the bed next to him, he purposely went back into his body to see what she wanted. Only when he did so she was fast asleep! He woke her and asked if she said something to him, but she said no. When I told him about my experience he remembered the voice as mine, not his girlfriends!

Unlike most people I know who have taken the Astral Travel and Dreams course, I tend to project more often than wake up in dreams. I imagine this is a direct reflection of how unaware I am during the day, and it indicates that I need to push much harder to wake up my consciousness moment to moment…


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lakeA teacher of mine likened the psyche to a great lake, with the consciousness being the water, and the subconscious (‘egos’) being the mud and silt at the bottom of the lake. Normally it’s as though the settlement at the bottom is all stirred up, causing the water to become dark and murky. This is how our consciousness is when we begin the inner work, we are clouded by the egos.

But then, we learn some practices. We learn how to concentrate, how to meditate, we do some mantras, and we learn how to astral project. As we do these practices, we begin to balance our energy centers, and the mud and silt begins to settle at the bottom of the lake. Slowly the water becomes clearer, and as it does we are able to see reality – we begin to get esoteric experiences; some astral experiences, perhaps some spiritual teachings, and some moments of inner peace. But the mud is still there, it’s just resting at the bottom, ready to be stirred up again by some curve-ball of life. At any moment life will throw us some mishap which draws up frsutration, negativity or fear, perhaps anger and so on.

In order to permanently clear the water, we need to extract the mud out of it. And we do this by using the events of life that allow us to see the mud that is within us. We don’t want actively do things to stir up the mud, like drinking or taking drugs or actively pursuing situations that will feed our egos – if we do that, the water just gets all muddy and we get lost in the darkness. Instead, we do our practices and clear the water as best we can, then just be alert and vigilant and life will bring us exactly what we need to extract the mud. A situation will present itself, and if we are clear we will see the particle of mud – the ego – that it brings up from the bottom of our psyche. When we see it, observe it and comprehend it, we can apply the elimination technique, and that particle of mud is extracted out of the water. Then life presents another situation, and we do the same. And like this, little by little, particle by particle, ego by ego, we extract the mud and permanently clear the water of the consciousness.

This is why it’s not enough to go and live like a hermit or a monk, off somewhere far away from society in a temple or deep in a forest. Sure, we may do lots of practices and get lots of wonderful experiences, but we still have all that murky darkness within, it’s just settled at the bottom of the lake of our psyche. If we isolate ourselves from society, we deprive ourselves of the wonderful opportunities life presents to see and extract the particles of mud. Then as soon as something really bad happens, even if we have been meditating for 20 years, all that mud gets stirred up and the water gets murky again.

If we want to permanently change, meditation, mantras and astral practices alone will not get us there…they will only help us to see. It is in seeing the egos, and then eliminating them with the help of the Divine (otherwise known as the ‘death’ of the egos), that we will clear the waters of the consciousness, permanently.

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dove_mainWhat does it take to get to peace?

Peace and tranquility within is one of the most precious things a person can have, and yet it can be so elusive. So how do we find peace within ourselves, permanent lasting peace?

I used to think peace was achieved by spending a quite afternoon curled up with a good book, or lazily walking through a park or lying on a beach in the sunshine. But that wasn’t real peace – a young family could come along with a screaming baby and any remnants of peace would be shattered, leaving irritation and annoyance in its wake.

If inner peace is freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, negativity, anxiety, obsession, etc., then that is something internal, it needs to come from within. If our external surroundings dictate our internal state, then lasting peace will always remain elusive.

Have you heard the saying “It takes a war to get to peace”? It was only when I began the inner work on myself that I gained an appreciation for what that statement actually meant. It takes an internal war on negative states within ourselves to achieve real, lasting peace; it is a battle of the psyche, a battle for consciousness.

In life there are so many difficulties we face. Life isn’t easy; it throws so many things at us; problems, stresses, tragedies…. young families with screaming babies…. And these events stir up different emotions and inner states within. We can either be carried along in the current of life’s turbulent waters, with our inner state at the mercy of what is thrown our way… or we can embrace life’s events as a means to learn about ourselves so we can change what is within – to move towards lasting inner peace.

This inner work has been such a blessing for me. Now that I am armed with the knowledge about how to go about it, I look at life completely differently – the struggles of life are now wonderful opportunities to face the darkness within myself, and by facing it I can change. I am now armed to fight that war, to get to peace.

Belsebuub recently released a video on Youtube that explains what I am talking about in more depth, how we face difficulties along the way in our spiritual journey and how we can use them to find inner peace.

He explains how the inner death of the egos, which is the removal of the different animal drives, such as anger, negativity, greed, fear, etc can lead to the awakening of the spiritual within….

VIDEO: Going through suffering and reaching peace.

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